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Why is a Heat Loss Calculation so Important?

February 15, 2024

In sustainable living and energy-efficient solutions, heat pumps have emerged as a leading technology for heating and cooling residential and commercial spaces. As the world transitions towards greener alternatives, heat pumps offer a promising solution by harnessing renewable energy sources such as the air, ground, or water to provide heating and cooling. 

However, before diving headfirst into installing a heat pump, it's crucial to know what size unit you need to conduct a comprehensive heat loss calculation, especially in regions like England where weather conditions can vary significantly throughout the year and from region to region.

A heat loss calculation is a meticulous calculation via software that determines the amount of heat a building loses through its walls, roof, windows, and other structural components. This calculation takes into account various factors such as the building's size, insulation levels, air changes, and local climate conditions.

One of the primary reasons why a heat loss calculation is indispensable before installing a heat pump is to correctly size the system. Oversized (and more expensive) heat pumps can lead to short cycling, where the system turns on and off frequently, resulting in energy wastage and reduced comfort. Conversely, undersized heat pumps may struggle to meet the heating demands of the space, leading to inadequate comfort levels and increased energy consumption as the system compensates for the shortfall.

By accurately assessing the heat loss of a building, we can recommend the appropriate size and type of heat pump that aligns with the specific requirements of your property. 

As an added bonus, a thorough heat loss calculation enables homeowners to identify areas for improving energy efficiency within their properties. Addressing issues such as inadequate insulation, draughty windows, or gaps in the building envelope not only reduces heat loss but also enhances overall comfort and indoor air quality. Implementing these upgrades in conjunction with a heat pump installation can significantly enhance the system's efficiency and longevity while lowering energy bills and reducing carbon footprint.

A heat loss and subsequent performance estimate is a crucial part of the MCS process when installing a heat pump supported by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, we prefer to do this at the beginning as it means there are no surprises later down the line regarding price or unit size.  A heat loss is also very useful if you are replacing your boiler as virtually all gas boilers in the UK are oversized, have a look at the rated minimum output of your model and consider that the average heat loss of a 3 bedroom home in England is under 12kw.

We have many options for our heat loss service, we can run the numbers based on plans if they are accurate and include building fabrics, we can send a surveyor to meet you and discuss the property and we can also conduct a technical survey at the same time to get you further along your journey as an added bonus for investing in your home energy at this early stage.


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