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VitoVerified - Installer Introduction

VitoEnergy specialises in ultra high efficiency heating installations in Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas.  We’re the highest rated renewables company in the South of England and constantly striving to improve.  Whether we are fitting a boiler, heat pump or Hydrogen fuel cell, we go the extra mile to ensure it is optimised to provide the lowest running costs and longest lifespan.

Our core team of installers currently operate only in our immediate area, partially to reduce embodied carbon in travel but mostly so that we can provide a world class service.  

We also operate a national support network of installers, supporting them in installing heat pumps to MCS standards across the UK.  Over 200 successful air source heat pump projects have been started or completed with our national network, this makes us rather a small umbrella compared to most and that enables us to retain a focus on quality.

This means that you as the homeowner can have the same confidence in your local installer that you would in our in house team!

Why “Verified”?

We call our service Verified to show that we will quite simply verify the quality of your installation.  We keep in touch and track all of our projects both in house and on the extended network to monitor the efficiency of the heat pump.   Our installations have an average (at time of writing) of over 4 which is way higher than the required minimum by MCS of 2.8, check out our article on SCOP here to learn why this is so important.  We have started to make a list of the heat pumps SCOP’s here, it is far form complete as we have collectively completed nearly 200 projects in the last 18 months, this list is updated regularly.

How do we achieve higher results?

We know that your installer is THE MOST important part of the whole process, we support them to provide a tailored and optimised result for you.  We have a national network of installers who work with us to maintain these high standards.

VitoEnergy only utilises installers who follow strict practices, this varies from being qualified in low temperature system design, to optimising the controls, to avoiding micro-zoning.  

We are very picky over the engineers we work with and are focus is 100% on quality rather than scale.

What we aim to provide:
  • Expert installers
  • Lower than average running costs
  • Higher than average Carbon reduction
  • Experienced technical support
  • Longer lasting equipment
  • Less stress with fewer callbacks and breakdowns
  • A more comfortable home
Next Steps?

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  • Excellent. Diligent and proactive

    "We are heating and ventilation designers who specialise in low-energy and passivhaus homes. We have worked with VitoEnergy on a number of projects and have found them to be excellent. Diligent and proactive they deliver a high-quality job and are always keen to ensure the systems they install are the most efficient possible."

    JOHN PALMER, Managing Director, ​​​​​​​Enhabit
  • Professional, polite and considerate

    "Really impressed with the level of service, from getting a quote and booking the job, to the excellent work done by Greg and Liam doing our upgrade to a Combi boiler. They were very professional, polite and considerate, happy to work around any problems and keep us informed of the progress, and the work looks to have been completed to a very good standard. Much appreciated!"

    Nick Bentley
  • Tremendously responsive and good natured

    "I had to replace an old gas boiler that was no longer up to spec and there was some extra work necessary to ensure the flue could be fully assessible. VitoEnergy gave me a really great quote and did the job in rapid order - I was very pleased with the installation but had an issue with some of the flue routing. However - they were incredibly responsive, absolutely addressing the issue post haste and moreover pointing out and resolving another couple of issues on my gas supply that I didn't realise needed addressing. They are a tremendously responsive and good natured, friendly company and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

    Hashim Hassan

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