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Our approach is to offer tailor-made advice to suit your property and meet your needs, so we would always assess this before making any recommendations. Listed below are some of the questions we are asked. If you have any questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Why is oversizing a new boiler installation so devastating?
It is a common misconception that bigger equals better when it comes to boilers. In fact, an oversized boiler (i.e. excessive capacity) causes unnecessary wear and tear. It can also cause ‘cycling’ – where overheating from excess energy causes the boiler to repeatedly shut down, cool, and start up again, putting stress on the entire system.
How do I calculate my new boiler size?
There are various on-line calculators, which claim to do this for you, or ‘rules of thumb’ that you can follow. However, in our experience the vast majority lead to oversizing your boiler installation.
Why do you recommend Viessmann?
We are happy to advise on any make of boiler, and we make sure we keep up-to-date with all the products currently on the market. However, we recommend Viessmann products where appropriate, as they are leaders in commercial and domestic heating, with regards to efficiency and sustainability.
Why do you only recommend boilers with stainless steel heat exchangers?
There are two materials used to make heat exchangers, Aluminium and Stainless steel. Aluminium has its advantages; it’s lightweight, low cost and has a high heat transfer rate. However, Aluminium also has a very small PH tolerance. If water PH levels fall outside of this, it is likely to degrade. Stainless steel has an infinite PH range, so will not degrade, no matter the PH of the water.
Do I really need a powerflush?
Possibly not. There a couple of instances where a powerflush may be beneficial and you can read about these here. However, there are other ways to clean your system: a chemical flush (using chemicals to dislodge dirt) and a mains flush (using water from the mains and vibration techniques). If you’ve been told you need a powerflush to conform to a manufacturer’s warrantee, we would encourage you to ask further questions.
Gas isn't renewable or environmentally friendly its it?
Natural gas is a finite resource which is used in many countries to produce electricity.  It is not renewable in the same way solar and wind is as we cannot make more of it or rely on an infinite amount.  There are ways that natural gas can be more environmentally friendly though, as the Vitovalor will replace a low efficiency heating and hot water system it will reduce consumption.  Vitovalor produces electricity at a higher efficiency than a traditional power station and does that as a by-product of heating the home.  The total reduction in carbon for each home is excellent, the reliance on old power stations running at 35% efficiency is great for the environment and as most U.K homes are reliant on gas central heating there is no comparable renewable alternative.
Hydrogen is volatile, is it dangerous?
Hydrogen can be dangerous when stored in volume, it is a highly combustible gas.  The Vitovalor 300-p does not store any Hydrogen, once it has been created it is used instantly ensuring there is no danger.
How can I benefit from Vitovalor?
If you have an old boiler, cylinder or both and average to high electrical usage, Vitovalor will reduce your fuel costs as well as qualify you for multiple incentives. We will happily give you a free estimate for the ten year costs and savings.
Will my gas bill go up?
Unless you already have a new Viessmann weather compensated boiler your gas bill will not go up.  Although the Vitovalor burns a tiny amount more gas than it's little brother the 200 range, it is vastly more efficient than older boilers and even modern competitors.
How long does it take to install?
All systems are bespoke but anything up-to two days.
What does the guarantee cover?
Viessmann cover all parts and labour within the fuel cell side for breakdowns and failure for ten years. We (VitovalorInstaller) will also cover the boiler side to match the ten years.
What other advantages are there?
Being less reliant on the grid, less reliant on dirty power stations and having your own production facility. Vitovalor also allows you to accurately forecast the long term heat, hot water and electrical costs for your home. This makes you more resilient against the rising cost of electricity.

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    • Excellent. Diligent and proactive

      "We are heating and ventilation designers who specialise in low-energy and passivhaus homes. We have worked with VitoEnergy on a number of projects and have found them to be excellent. Diligent and proactive they deliver a high-quality job and are always keen to ensure the systems they install are the most efficient possible."

      JOHN PALMER, Managing Director, ​​​​​​​Enhabit
    • Professional, polite and considerate

      "Really impressed with the level of service, from getting a quote and booking the job, to the excellent work done by Greg and Liam doing our upgrade to a Combi boiler. They were very professional, polite and considerate, happy to work around any problems and keep us informed of the progress, and the work looks to have been completed to a very good standard. Much appreciated!"

      Nick Bentley
    • Tremendously responsive and good natured

      "I had to replace an old gas boiler that was no longer up to spec and there was some extra work necessary to ensure the flue could be fully assessible. VitoEnergy gave me a really great quote and did the job in rapid order - I was very pleased with the installation but had an issue with some of the flue routing. However - they were incredibly responsive, absolutely addressing the issue post haste and moreover pointing out and resolving another couple of issues on my gas supply that I didn't realise needed addressing. They are a tremendously responsive and good natured, friendly company and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

      Hashim Hassan

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