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Commercial Boiler Services

VitoEnergy carries out comprehensive boiler installations throughout Surrey and Hampshire on all commercial makes and models.  We specialise in Viessmann products and as Viessmann partners can offer extended warranties as well as more in depth tailoring and control strategy.

 Whether it is a simple high output, high-efficiency boiler or a large plant room integrated to a multi zone heating system, we always work with the same attention to detail.

While we are principally commercial gas boiler installers, we also specify and fit combined heat and power units and Hydrogen Fuel Cells.  Combined heat and power gas units and Hydrogen Fuel Cells produce electricity to be used on site and are an excellent way to raise your EPC as a commercial landlord.

VitoEnergy are Viessmann trained installers, we work closely with Viessmann to ensure a consistently exceptional level of design, installation and long term operation.  We are also happy installing and maintaining all other types and brands.

VitoEnergy can work from any level of design, drawings and procurement with in-house installation of commercial boiler installations, we do not use sub-contractors.

VitoEnergy offers world-class water treatment testing, thermal imaging, CAD design, temporary heat solutions and much more.  We have a lot of experience finding the absolute best product for every application, from the smallest 15mm press fitting to full plant rooms, we are constantly assessing our materials and approach to make sure we offer the best service fitting the best equipment.

Our Expertise

We are happy to install and maintain any types and brands of the heating systems but are also experts in the alternative, more advanced technologies, such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells. These can be combined with gas units, and produce electricity to be used on-site, which is an excellent way to raise your EPC as a commercial landlord.

Viessmann partners

VitoEnergy is Viessmann trained installers and partners, and we specialise in their products. We are therefore able to offer extended warranties and have the specific knowledge to undertake in-depth tailoring and control strategy for your heating system. When installing their products, we work closely with Viessmann to ensure an exceptional level of design, installation and long-term operation.

Safe and sound

We offer complete peace of mind throughout the project, with services such as world-class water treatment testing, thermal imaging, CAD software, and temporary heating solutions. VitoEnergy is 100% committed to finding the right product for every application. We carry out on-going assessments of our materials and processes, to ensure we offer the best service and fit the best equipment.

What makes a commercial heating system or a commercial boiler engineer?

​​​​​​​Traditionally a boiler is considered commercial or "non-domestic" once it is over 70kw (net) input or if the total gas supply volume is greater than 0.035m3 (or over 35mm diameter).  Many manufacturers may also stipulate that their appliances are commercial if they are under 70kw but designed for that application rather than domestic.  Viessmann, for instance, have a 49kw Vitodens 200 gas boiler, a domestic engineer may feel that their qualifications legally cover them as it is within their 70kw limit however manufacturer instructions override generic legislation in all cases.  Further to the 70kw limit per appliance, it is also the case that if the combined total of gas appliances exceed 70kw then it is no longer a domestic installation.  For any installation where the total input of the gas appliances that share an installation space (room) or which share a wall for flues or even an adjacent wall then the installation is non-domestic. 

So how can a property owner ascertain whether they need a commercial gas engineer? 

Is there a single appliance rated at greater than 70kw net input? Is there any gas supply pipe greater than 35mm? Does the installation volume exceed 0.035m3? Is the combined total of gas appliance input greater than 70kw net input? * Are any of the appliances sold as and considered by the manufacturer as Non-domestic? Is the gas meter capacity greater than 6m3/h? *

(Where the flues are on the same or adjacent wall or where the appliances share an installation space). 

There are many other instances where it should be clear that the installation is commercial, these outline more of the "grey" areas but as you can see it is not uncommon for many private homes to require a commercial gas engineer.

Commercial Boiler Installation

Boiler installation and replacement accounts for Vitoenergy's main body of work. Its what we specialise in and genuinely enjoy doing. Doing this whilst minimising disruption is a task in its self and gives many factors to engineer around. It's a case of completing the task as quickly as possible but there are many other things to also take into account. Checking the actual load rather than just replacing what was last installed is essential as property generally has much better insulation than when the original appliance was put in, in addition, the load can change due to change of use. Oversizing the unit is a concern as this leads to increased boiler cycling, increased maintenance, loss of efficiency, and unnecessary expense. This isn't to be confused with sizing for back up. For this, however, it is much more sensible to size the appliance accurately and adds a second boiler rather than oversizing 1 boiler to break down.

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  • Excellent. Diligent and proactive

    "We are heating and ventilation designers who specialise in low-energy and passivhaus homes. We have worked with VitoEnergy on a number of projects and have found them to be excellent. Diligent and proactive they deliver a high-quality job and are always keen to ensure the systems they install are the most efficient possible."

    JOHN PALMER, Managing Director, ​​​​​​​Enhabit
  • Professional, polite and considerate

    "Really impressed with the level of service, from getting a quote and booking the job, to the excellent work done by Greg and Liam doing our upgrade to a Combi boiler. They were very professional, polite and considerate, happy to work around any problems and keep us informed of the progress, and the work looks to have been completed to a very good standard. Much appreciated!"

    Nick Bentley
  • Tremendously responsive and good natured

    "I had to replace an old gas boiler that was no longer up to spec and there was some extra work necessary to ensure the flue could be fully assessible. VitoEnergy gave me a really great quote and did the job in rapid order - I was very pleased with the installation but had an issue with some of the flue routing. However - they were incredibly responsive, absolutely addressing the issue post haste and moreover pointing out and resolving another couple of issues on my gas supply that I didn't realise needed addressing. They are a tremendously responsive and good natured, friendly company and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

    Hashim Hassan

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